A simple approach to health and fitness. Learn how to build training and nutrition into your lifestyle to get you the results you want, and keep them!

My philosophy

In today's world we are bombarded with quick fixes and the promise of immediate results, unfortunately, your health and fitness need a more long-term approach to get results that truly last. Combining smart, effective training methods and actionable and sustainable nutritional guidance, I can help you achieve your fitness and body composition goals.


Focusing on the tried and trusted methods refined from years of working with 1 to 1 clients, your training program is built on simple principles:
  • Simple programming.
  • Make steady progress.
  • Get stronger and move better.


Built upon several years of one to one personal training, your program continues to evolve to get you the best results.


For good nutrition and training to become part of your lifestyle, it has to be sustainable. You'll gradually build a solid foundation upon which you can take your training to new heights. Updated every 4-6 weeks, with planned recovery time and simple nutritional habits to help you get the most from your training, this is a system that can become part of your lifestyle.



One to one client testimonial - Andrew One to one client testimonial -…


When I started seeing Dave, I’d had two pregnancies close together. I was experiencing a lot of shoulder pain & arm/hand numbness from breastfeeding and my abs were what I could only describe as a dead zone. Dave got me fighting fit over the next couple of years and when I fell pregnant again last year I was a little worried about how long it would take me to get back to my former level of fitness.

This time around  I trained with Dave throughout my pregnancy until about 36 weeks and restarted training around 10 weeks postpartum.
Even before I had restarted training, I felt that my body had recovered better and more quickly from this pregnancy than my previous two. And although I was experiencing some fairly awful shoulder/arm/hand pain again from breastfeeding, once I was training again and started rebuilding my strength, this had eased off massively within a couple of months.

Starting personal training is one of the best decisions I’ve made, it keeps me happy and healthy.

He managed to keep my training challenging whilst I was pregnant whilst ensuring I was never undertaking something that put me at risk of injury.
He also has good chat about where to get the best doughnuts in town.”



Rachel McDonald – Pre- and postnatal client

I have been with Dave for about 7 weeks through his online program. I have seen some incredible results and found weaknesses in areas I had not thought about.

Dave has done an incredible job at programming for my goals, helping me train around an injury (Hernia) and has actually reduced the pain felt through the day as other areas have become stronger.

Dave has also given nutritional advice and coaching tips through the the online program and monthly coaching call. Through the App Dave sets you up with you can connect with him and he will answer your questions and resolve any issues through it which is handy.

Dave is a very knowledgeable and has definitely helped me find a purpose for training again!!!

I would strongly recommend Dave to anyone who is thinking about personal training.


Nick Lang – Online client

I started training with Dave in December last year. I was feeling lost in the gym and struggling with recurring issues following knee surgery.

I predominately use his fitness app which gives me more flexibility and gives me access to my workouts right at my fingertips!
With great videos and instructions from Dave to guide me through each workout, I’m much more comfortable in the gym and with my training.

I come through to Edinburgh once a month to do an in-person technique session to help further improve what I learn on his app.

This is great for me and an easy way to track my workouts and progress. I am feeling so much more confident in the gym and am starting to see great results!

Dave is always on hand to help and only a phone call away.

Many thanks,

Mhairi Laidlaw

Mhairi Laidlaw – Online Hybrid client


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