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My philosophy is that training shouldn’t be complicated. Yes, sometimes the workouts will be challenging, but I don’t believe in making your health and fitness more difficult than they have to be. I will always advocate that a simple approach to health and fitness is usually better, and more sustainable, than quick fixes, overly complicated training plans, or big promises. It is my goal to cut through the endless noise of diet fads and 6-minute beach body workouts and help you build a foundation that gives you all the tools you need to train effectively, while making it as simple as possible for you to achieve the results you want.

I believe that fitness and good nutrition should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle, and that the best way to help you achieve your health and body composition goals is to create a plan that is

and Sustainable

This is a weird time for everyone, gyms are closed and the need for staying active and strong is as high as it’s ever been. This isn’t a time for lounging on the sofa all day long. But you may be struggling with how you can still workout, make some progress and take some control over your situation. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered, you can get my free download with 34 home workouts, covering everything from bodyweight only, to incorporating KBs, resistance bands and cardio equipment if you have it. All you have to do is tell me where to send it.

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Focusing on a combination of smart, practical training methods with sustainable nutritional guidance is the cornerstone to helping you create habits that have a massive positive impact on your health. With expert coaching and steady accountability, you’ll continually be inspired (and challenged) to reach your fitness goals so you can feel better in your body, no matter what your athletic ability is right now.

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“I have been training with Dave for more than a year now, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only I feel I’m stronger and leaner, but also, I always feel very motivated and have fun on my sessions with him. I had an injury a few months ago, and Dave worked around it. He tailored my programme accordingly, and this not only made the training suitable for the challenges I was facing with the injury, but it also helped me recover much quicker. Thanks Dave. :)”

-Ana Castaneda