Travelling shouldn’t mess with your workouts

A good number of my clients travel a lot for work, finding themselves in poorly equipped hotel gyms without access to the equipment and space they are accustomed to. This isn’t an opportunity to skip training though, but a chance to get a little creative and get a good session in regardless.

Here are a few ideas to keep you on track whilst on the road.

Bodyweight only

Mastering your bodyweight may not have the glamour and excitement of crushing a few sets of heavy deadlifts or squats, but it can be an awesome workout with the benefit of not needing a lot of space.

For this workout you need a piece of paper and a pen to note your reps on each round.

Round one: do 30s of each exercise with 30s rest between each, note your reps

Round 2: Do 25s of each with 30s rest between each, trying to match the 30 s round totals

Round 3:20 secs of each with 30s rest between, aiming for the 25s totals.


Frog squat

Bear crawl – forward and reverse between 2 points, these can be as little as 4 or 5 metres apart, or you can do a static bear crawl if you have less room to work with.

Glute bridge



little kb
Useful as a door stop but that’s about it!

If you are lucky enough to find some decent sized kettlebells, then your job just got way easier, the kettlebell is a great strength builder and a great conditioning tool.

Here are a couple of simple, quick and challenging workouts for you to try:

  1. Swing/ squat ladders. Do 1 swing followed by 1 goblet squat, 2 swings and 2 squats, 3 swings and you see where this is going.

When you get to 10 of each, that’ll give you 55 reps of each. I did up to 20 on each once, that was fun…

If you want to supercharge it, add in between 5 and 10 push ups after each set of goblet squats.

  1. To add a little more of a core component to your session, try this:

5 right hand only swings, bring the KB up to the racked position (KB on the outside of your wrist, thumb                       against your collar bone) and perform 5 squats, finish the round with 5 presses. Then repeat on your left                     side. The unilateral loading will force you to work hard to resist the twist the load provides.

You can do this one for time, eg put 10 minutes on the clock and see how many rounds you can do. Or you can do a set number of rounds.


If you have access to a decent set of dumbbells, then you have no excuse! Full body circuit is on the cards for you and the best part is it’ll take less than 40 mins to complete.

Circuit 1

DB press

Goblet squat

DB bentover row

Glute bridge (hold the DB on your hips)


Do 30s of each exercise with 30 seconds between rounds, us e the appropriate weight for each movement and if you pick the weights well, you should get around 10-15 reps each round. Once you have completed one full round of each exercise, rest 60-90s and repeat for 3 total rounds.

Then move on to circuit 2:

Renegade row


Sumo squat

DB shoulder press

Loaded crunch

Next time you find yourself on the road with limited options, give these a go, and let me know how you get on!

Stay strong,


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