The Sunday Supplement W/E 9/6/19

Here we go, the latest roundup of the best articles from the past 7 days.

Block out 20 minutes and get reading!

Articles of the week

Find a way, or find a way out. What do you do when it gets tough?

Sleep plays a big role in fat loss, sleeping in doesn’t mitigate metabolic changes due to lack of sleep

How to stop quitting exercise and how to enjoy training

Creating a simplified summer training plan

5 fitness myths that might be holding you back

Social media top 3

Effects of exercise beyond the gym

Squats v hinges

Hit your quads with Spanish squats

Book of the week

This is a fantastic read on how relying on technology and the information it provides might actually be holding you back from enjoying and progressing with your fitness journey. While tech can be a massive source of info, don’t fall into the trap of believing the info provided by your trackers and apps over what you actually feel and are able to do.


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