The Sunday Supplement W/E 7/7/19

Another busy week in the books, and here’s the best of what I’ve read over the last 7 days.

Articles of the week

Stretching gone wrong

Fat shaming and fit shaming

Weightlifting is better than endurance training for reducing heart fat

Exercise boosts learning

Why you’re not making progress


Social media Stuff

Fat loss expectations vs reality

How to stop overeating

Online training

Fixing your bentover rows. Although this is shown with a barbell, the same goes for dumbbells, KBs, or any other loading method you care to use.

Book of the week

Blowing the bloody doors off, by Michael Caine.

This is a great book, and on audiobook it’s read by the man himself. Great look at how he built his career and the tips he has for everyone from his experiences. Plus some fun stories from his time in the movies.


Have a great weekend.




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