The Sunday Supplement W/E 6/1/19!

I hope everyone has had a great start to the new year! Everything is settling down again and we’re all getting back into a routine.

Goal setting

Some quick and easy protein breakfasts

Advice on reaching your training goals

Fat loss – top down and bottom up

Articles of the week

Where does the fat go when you lose it?

Why endurance athletes need to strength train

Train your legs for a healthier brain and nervous system

How much cardio do you really need for fat loss?

Kill the dumb diet

Workout of the week

2 to 4 rounds, rest as needed to make each set as good as you can with the best weight you can (around 60-90s should be plenty).

KB swings x10

Pushups x max-2

KB offset racked squat x10 on the right side

TRX row x12

KB offset racked squat x10 on the left side

Plank x30s


Have an awesome Sunday.

Stay strong,


P.s. If you haven’t gotten your copy of The Strong Project yet, what are you waiting for?

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