The Sunday Supplement W/E 5/5/19

The day after Star Wars Day! Who else is excited for the last instalment in The Star Wars Saga??

Anyways, on with the best articles of the past week!

Articles of the week

Just 20 minutes in nature can cut stress hormone levels.

Neverending body transformation motivation

Using your lower abdominals for a better pelvic position

The use of partial reps

Is sugar addictive

The joy of being a woman with muscles


Social media top 3

Strength training is your medicine

Proper position on prone Y’s

Simple calorie swaps


Book of the week

This is a great read about the journey of Katrin Davidsdottir to becoming the Crossfit games champion and about developing the mindset of focussing on the pursuit of excellence, whatever that is to you.

Well worth the time to read it!

Have an awesome Sunday,



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