The Sunday Supplement W/E 31/3/19

It’s the end of March, time is flying in this year, and I’m enjoying the lighter mornings. It certainly makes getting in for those early client sessions a whole lot easier!

I’ve recently been running more, building my run specific fitness towards a challenge in July, and while progress feels glacial, at least the data I’ve tracked from my runs has shown a bit of an improvement. I’ve also come to realise that I’m not exactly built like a typical 5-10km runner! Ah well, it’s just a bit more of a challenge…

I’ll be putting out some info on the challenge later this week and in the meantime, here are the best of the articles I’ve read this week.

Articles of the week

The best exercise your not doing

6 dieting lessons you need to learn

How to read a nutrition label

Do you need breakfast for fat loss?

How environment affects eating

6 exercises trainers hate but aren’t that bad


Social media stuff

The benefits of getting into fitness later in life

Fat loss myths

Fat loss by addition

3 HIIT workouts


Have an awesome Sunday! And if you’re in the UK, remember to change your clocks this morning!


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