The Sunday Supplement W/E 30/6/19

Half way through the year! It’s been crazy thinking how fast this year is going by, but it’s time for you to take some time, chill and read the best from around the internet before you get back on with your Sunday shenanigans.

Articles of the week

The case for diet sodas, what the research says.

Finding success in failure

The lifters guide to caffeine

Body obsession

Is there a maximum productive training volume per session

Instead of looking for fitness motivation, do these 6 things


Social media stuff

Starting your day the best way

Getting more veggies

Fixing your incline pushup


Book of the week

This week I listened to a 6 part Audible series all about Arthur Conan Doyle.

It was really well done and pretty interesting. If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, it’s well worth your time. Great way to pass time on your commute to work. Just click the image to get the link.

Have an awesome day,



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