The Sunday Supplement W/E 3/2/19

Into the second month of the year! 9.3% of the year gone, are you 9.3% closer to your goals? Keep taking those little steps each day and they’ll soon add up to big things!

This week I’ve got a bumper selection of great articles for you as well as a cracker of a workout!

Social media stuff

4 simple ways to boost your fat loss efforts

Awesome client progress

How to really do a good plank

The truth about diet soft drinks

Stop being a dick to yourself

Articles of the week

The round up of the best training and nutrition articles of the past week.

Lack of sleep has links to 2 Alzheimers proteins. As if you need another reason to get more sleep!

Josh Hillis with the first of 2 great articles this week – Are your food habits too small?

And, Everything you know about emotional eating is wrong.

Real men train glutes, by Paul Carter

Dean Somerset on snapping hips during dead bugs

Great article on what to do if you feel like you’re failing at fitness, from Thrive Personal Fitness

Workout of the week

Following last week’s workout with one piece of equipment, here’s another super simple workout with just the landmine.

Landmine press x8-10 per side

Landmine Squat x10-12

Landmine RDL x12-15

Landmine Russian twist x8 per side

Use the same weight throughout and rest only as little as you need to move from one exercise to the next.

Rest 2-3 minutes after the Russian twists, and repeat for 4 total rounds.

Have an awesome Sunday.


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