The Sunday Supplement W/E 28/4/19

One third of the year is done… I hope your goals are getting knocked down and you’re making great progress!

Here is your round up of the best of the last week for your pleasure and delight.

Articles of the week

Does set point theory defend the body against fat loss?

The complete deadlift warmup

What’s needed to get really, really lean

Structure equals freedom

Motivation is bullshit


Top 3 from social media land

What you need to eat for fat loss vs muscle gain

Fixing your lunge position

Better hip thrusts


Book of the week

James Clear’s book Atomic Habits is a fantastic guide to building better habits and minimising negative ones. Breaking the process down into 4 stages, he takes you through the steps to create the habits that you need to make more progress.

Here is a great video breaking it down too

Have a great Sunday,

Stay strong,


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