The Sunday Supplement W/E 26/5/19

It’s almost the end of May! That means 40% of the year is gone, so you should be 40% of the way to your goals. Right?

If not, here are a bunch of great articles to help get you back on track, grab a cuppa, sit comfy and start reading!

Articles of the week.

I think dead bugs (the exercise, not actual dead bugs) are one of the best but most underrated core exercises you can do, Dean Somerset has 12 great variations.

This is a great article if you are struggling to start a new healthy habit.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Here are 3 ways to make meal prep simpler.

This is the worst time to eat if fat loss is your goal. A bit of a clickbait-y title, but actually good info.

Looking better naked is a goal for many people, but having the ability to use your fitness to do cool things and explore new places is a bigger deal. 

Kevin Mullins with the most important factor in your training success

Social Media Top 3

Quieter week on social media this past 7 days, when tiredness goes up, creativity and productivity go down.

But here are the 3 top posts from the week just gone.

Building a better butt

3 protein packed breakfasts

5 reasons to eat more veggies


Book of the week

This was a great listen while out and about, super interesting look at the history and methods used to work out the age of the universe. I find it incredible that people can push science and maths forward so much and are curious enough to explore these questions and, over time, chase down answers to big questions like this. And I struggle to write (occasionally) coherent sentences!

Have an awesome Sunday


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