The Sunday Supplement W/E 25/8/19

A shorter post today, I’ve had a …challenging week this week. Sunday/ Monday i had a sickness bug, Tuesday, my wife got it pretty bad, Wed we had about 3 and a half hours sleep because Katie decided that sleep was overrated and I finally got my appetite back on Thursday after losing a bunch of weight. But! all back to normal now but it meant that my normal amount of reading was a lot lower than normal and I don’t put anything in here I’ve not read myself.

So grab your self a smaller drink than normal, sit back and enjoy!

Articles of the week.

Stretching doesn’t help with muscle soreness
Investing in physical capital
How to stop the comparison complex

Social media shenanigans

Stop doing easy all the time

Small changes, big results

(quiet week on IG this week…)

I’ll be back with a bigger selection of the best from around the web next week and a new blog post will be up mid week as well. In the meantime, have an awesome Sunday!

Stay strong,


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