The Sunday Supplement W/E 23/6/19

Did you miss me?

After a busy and sleep-deprived couple of weeks, we had a weekend away and I decided to leave all thoughts of work at home, so no weekly round up last week, and no blog posts/ newsletters for 2 weeks. Now I’m feeling refresehed and ready to go again. Ready??

Articles of the week

4 tips to lead a healthier life

3 fundamental steps to keep you lean for life

Great article on beating your cravings

Mastering the movement hierarchy. (Great article for those of you who write your own programs!)

Long but interesting article on protein requirements for muscle growth


Social media stuff

Fat loss mindset

How to lose bodyfat from any body part

Getting your bird dogs right

And here is a nice warm up flow I’ve been using for the last week. It hits a lot of stuff (hamstrings, hip flexors, upper back rotation, balance and single leg!) Clients – be ready to see this in your warmups…


I hope you have an awesome Sunday!


Stay strong





Upgrade your training

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