The Sunday Supplement W.E 23/12/18

I am now on holiday for 2 weeks! Sorry to rub it in for those of you working over some (or all) of the festive period…

While I’ll still be doing some online stuff, some social media and studying a little, I fully intend enjoying my first time off since last year (not counting the 2 weeks off when Katie arrived earlier this year!). There is lots planned for the start of 2019 so keep your eyes peeled for new-ness coming your way!

Articles of the week

Tony Gentilcore with the forgotten aspect of progress in the gym

Jason Leenaarts with a great guide to improving your food tracking

Appropriate perhaps for this time of year, looks at what happens when you binge

I’ve been playing around with the L-sit for a few weeks now and love it, great overview from Corey Davis

These look like fun! I think my clients will enjoy these…

Workout of the week

Instead of one workout idea, I’ve got 5 short but super effective workout ideas to help you get in the gym, get a session done and get out again this week.

Check them out here

Social media round up

Technique > intensity

How to build glutes

Body comp iceberg

Less than ideal sources of protein

Have an awesome Sunday!

Stay strong,


P.s. If you haven’t gotten on The Strong Project list yet, what are you waiting for?

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