The Sunday Supplement W/E 21/7/19

I’m on holiday! It’s going to be a busy week though as we are moving, but don’t worry, I’m still here to bring you the best articles of the last 7 days in a brand new look for the Sunday Supplement.

Articles of the week.

Dealing with holidays, stress and injuries, from Bonvec Strength


Please stop eating back your exercise calories, from Physiqonomics








Are your exercise habits unhealthy? From simplywellcoaching.
5 things to stop doing in the gym, by Lee Boyce







Please stop using these words to describe food, from Abby Langer Nutrition
How long you should nap, from Educate, Inspire, Change







Why the scale is a poor measure of progress, from Muscle and Strength
How much caffeine consumption is too much, from









Social media stuff

You can’t cheat the process

An attitude of gratitude

Fixing your incline/overhead press position


Book of the week

This is a fascinating look at the science of endurance and human potential. Ever notice while doing some hard intervals you find that on the last one, you’re able to push a little harder than you were able to on the earlier ones? Anticipatory regulation of performance explains why. Find out more and a load of other super interesting stuff in Endure, by Alex Hutchison


Have a great Sunday,


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