The Sunday Supplement W/E 21/4/19

It’s Easter weekend, the weather is glorious and I have Creme eggs. What a wonderful weekend it is!

And, hopefully, today’s selection of links will make your weekend even better!

Articles of the week.

Losing the last 5lbs of fat

Why diets of less than 1000kcals don’t work

Discipline in training and life

Poor diets cause more deaths than tobacco and high blood pressure combined

Eccentric loading for strength, hypertrophy and reducing injury risk

Top 3 social media posts of the week.

I just hit 4500 followers on Instagram, which is kind of silly. Hopefully the content will continue to help as many people as possible, and if there is anything you’d like to see more of, just let me know!

Male versus female training

Fixing a common deadlift problem

Your protein needs

Book of the week

A new book from Dan John you say?

I can only hope that, years from now, I’ll have a fraction of the impact on people as Dan John has had.

Stay strong,


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