The Sunday Supplement W/E 20/1/19

I hope everyone has had a great start to the new year! Everything is settling down again and we’re all getting back into a routine.

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Articles of the week

What to do if you feel like your back strains on deadlifts, from Nia Shanks

Getting stronger isn’t complicated, it’s difficult. From

Age and body fat, by Mark Rippetoe

Lower body training from Nick Tumminello

Great article on cleaning up Thoracic rotation, from Dean Somerset

Workout of the week

Here is a great full body session that you can get done in about 45 minutes if you are honest with rest times!

A1. Trap bar/ barbell deadlift 3×4

A2. DB 1 arm press 3×8-10 per side

B1. Goblet squat/ Landmine squat 3×10

B2. Bird dog 3×6-8 per side

C1. RFESS (with a forward lean) 3×10 per side

C2. DB row 3×10 per side

D. Facepull 3×12

E1. Gun show! DB Zottman curl 3×10

E2. Cable Triceps extension 3×12-15

Rest times are 90s -2 minutes. Adjust the loads to accomodate.

Have an awesome Sunday!

Stay strong,


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