The Sunday Supplement W/E 2/6/19

Rolling into June with the best articles from around the internet!

Articles of the week

Physical exercise should be a requirement throughout you kids life

Calories, sex and 100 year old people. Great article!

I like this variation on the seated rows. Clients have been using this set up for a while, no way to cheat the reps…

Fixing your ankle mobility

5 advanced core training exercises you’ve not tried, yet

Social media top 3

What matters most for fat loss versus what doesn’t make a difference

2 great core training exercises you’ve not tried yet (See the link above for the full article with 3 extra exercises!)

Lose fat, keep muscle.


Book of the week

Endure, by Alex Hutchinson is a fascinating look at the factors that go into endurance, and it’s far from a straightforward process. The mind and body seem to take a lot of seeming unnoticed factors and information into account to determine what your limits are and how far you can push them.

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