The Sunday Supplement W/E 16/12/18

9 days till Santa comes! I may or may not still need to get some shopping done, but it’s more or less under control. I think.

How about you?

Well let’s put off the shopping for another half hour while you read this weeks awesome roundup of the best fitness articles from the past week!

Articles of the week

Don’t fall into the “is food healthy or unhealthy” trap by Kamel Patel at

Intuitive myths and realities from Shohreh Davoodi on Girls Gone Strong

Nia Shanks with a fantastic post, top telling women to earn their food

Dr Mike T Nelson knocks it out the park here about plant vs non-plant protein sources

3 part (but short reads!) article on fat loss nutrition myths, from AMPFitness

Great article from Dean Somerset on the problem with too much choice

Workout of the week

This hits pretty much everything in a short amount of time. Just get warmed up and get it done!

a1. Front squat (or heavy landmine/ goblet squat) 4×6

a2. DB press 4×10

a3. Chest supported DB row 4×12

a4. KB swing 4×15

Use the best weights you can, rest as needed between each exercise to give you the best chance of performing the next in the series as well as possible. This’ll usually be around 1-3 minutes, not much more. On completing the swings, maintain the momentum, and get into the next round asap.

Social media round up

Eating sugar will make you fat

Expectation vs reality of fat loss

Navigating the festive period

Increasing your NEAT for better fat loss


Have an awesome Sunday!

Stay strong,


P.s. If you haven’t gotten on The Strong Project list yet, what are you waiting for?

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