The Sunday Supplement W/E 14/4/19

Another week, another collection of the best fitness articles from the past week. Here are the best of what I’ve read and think will be useful to you!

Articles of the week

What to do when you spouses choices make you want to binge. 

7 questions to ask yourself when you’re writing a training program for fat loss

How to eat to build muscle

Fitness suggestions from a former fat kid

The truth about processed vs unprocessed foods

Stop falling for complexity bias (keep it simple)!


Top 3 social media posts of the last week

A simple fix for improving your dumbbell rows

The formula for better fat loss results

How to win the weekend (implement this to maintain progress!)


A useful cue if you are struggling with your hinge movements

Something that I’ve been finding works a treat over the last couple of weeks for folks who initiate the lowering part of the deadlift/ RDL movements is instead of the usual cue of hips back first, is to use shift your weight towards your heels first.

This subtle change makes it more likely that you’ll go at the hips first, not have your knees shoot forward to initiate the movement.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


Book(s) of the week

I love audiobooks, I listen to a lot while I’m out walking, pushing the little monster around in her pram while she naps. I normally listen to self development books, training or nutrition stuff or biographies of people I find interesting, but on of my favourite finds recently is The Definitive Collection of Sherlock Holmes, narrated by Stephen Fry. It’s fantastic, He does an incredible job of bringing the characters and stories to life. 72 hours of entertainment for the cost of one credit!

Have an awesome Sunday!


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