The Sunday Supplement W/E 13/1/19

I hope everyone has had a great start to the new year! Everything is settling down again and we’re all getting back into a routine.

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Workout of the week

This weeks workout is all about legs. This is a variation on the full body (with a lower body focus) session that I have in my program at the moment. Word of warning – go lighter than you think on the final triple set…

I like full body sessions for most people. It spreads the volume for any one area across the week making it easier to recover from and less of an issue if a session is missed. That said, it’s good to have a focus for the session, hence the leg focus on this one.

A. Back squat/ front squat/ goblet squat 4×8-10

B1. DB shoulder press/ DB incline press 4×8-10

B2. Pull apart 4×15

C. Split stance RDL 3×10/s

D. Leg press 4×10

E1. Leg extension 4×10-15

E2. Leg curl 4×10-15

E3. Standing calf raises 4×10-15

Rest as needed (90s – 3 minutes) between sets for exercises A – D, then a strict 90s on the triple set. If you need to split the triple up, rest times are 60s!

Remember, go lighter than you think on that triple…

Have an awesome Sunday!

Stay strong,


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