The Sunday Supplement W/E 12/5/19

Another Sunday, another collection of the best fitness articles and social media shenanigans of the past 7 days!

Articles of the week

We tend to think that every new trend and fad in fitness and nutrition is brand new and shiny, but for the most part, that’s not exactly the case… 11 diet and fitness trends that aren’t actually new

Did you realise that a single leg RDL is a great core exercise? Complete guide to core training

I’ve been working to reduce how much I use my phone over the last few months, including reducing the amount of social media time I have. This is a great article on breaking your social media addiction

This squat variation is great for building squat strength if your knees get a little grumpy. 

We tend to focus on weight or size when we think of diets, how about thinking about body respect instead?

If you want to make better decision throughout your day? When you exercise affects the quality of your decisions


Social media Top 3

These were the top 3 social media posts of the past week.

Short of time? Try these short conditioning ideas

As if you need another great reason to exercise, boost your brain power with resistance training and cardio

Ankle mobility is a big player in good movement and knee/hip/ back pain, here’s a good drill to improve yours


Book of the week

The tide is slowly turning away from being constantly on the grind, forsaking sleep and rest time in order to push further and further and towards the understanding that rest, recovery and sleep boost your efforts and help take you further.

Here is a great book on that topic.

Have a great Sunday!

Stay strong,


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