The Sunday Supplement W/E 11/8/19

Hey there Stranger, it’s been a couple of weeks since the last one of these. We moved house and it took 2 weeks to get internet up and running. So there has been 2 weeks with no home interweb and limited time to get to cafes and such to use theirs in return for some average coffee. But I’m back in the 21st century and I have a bumper crop of great articles for you.

Articles of the week. 

Offset loading for size and strength.
How much protein should you be eating for fat loss?


7 ways to reduce stress.


Form double standards


This post will change your life.


10 mistakes made with fat loss.


Diet versus lifestyle


Social media stuff from the last couple of weeks

If your fat loss has stalled…

Signs you are making progress

What to do when stress goes up.

What to do if you overindulge

Food isn’t good or bad

Have a great Sunday!



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