The Sunday Supplement W/E 10/3/19

Here’s your round up of the best fitness and nutrition articles from the past week!


Training vs working out

Your own Hollywood transformation

Strengthen your feet and lower legs with these 5 exercises

The do’s and don’ts of recovering from injury

Simple, not easy abs


Round up of social media posts this week

Portion sizes matter

Rep ranges for strength, hypertrophy and endurance

Getting back to training after illness

Ab wheel rollouts

12 reasons to lift weights


Conditioning session of the week

Back to basics this week.

This one looks simple on paper, but it’ll test your limits more than you might expect.

Pushup x1

Squat x5

Pushup x2

Squat x5

Pushup x3

Squat x5

You get the idea. The only rest you get however is the time it takes to get up and down off the floor. You goal is as many rounds as you can!


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