The Sunday Selection W/E 25/11/18

A bumper selection for you this week!

Articles of the week

Tips to help your kids (if you have em) to eat more healthily

Tom Venuto with 22 reasons you gain weight over the Christmas period

Laura Poburan (via with how you can stop tracking macros and still lose weight. Great article!

Do you have to force adaptations, from Dave Dellanave

Meghan Callaway with 7 variations on the ab rollout

Your hips don’t go out of place, from BarbellRehab.

20 exercises to train around shoulder pain, from

If you are eating healthily and can’t lose weight, read this, by Nia Shanks 

Krista Scott-Dixon on being overstressed and overeating

Here is a great video from James Clear on habits.

Conditioning circuit of the week

Battle ropes can be a useful tool to boost your heart rate and calorie burn (even if it is for just a short time!)


10 double handed “big” slams

20 double handed mini slams

30 single arm slams per side (I know that’s technically 60).

Rest 60s and repeat for 3 total rounds.

Use the palms up grip to hit more biceps, and a palms down/ in grip for more of a shoulder burn.

Best of the weeks social media

Frozen vs fresh fruit and veg

Set up for the trap bar deadlift

Don’t Bro your rows

Fat loss hierarchy

Why you need resistance training for better fat loss

Set up for the RFESS

The best supplement you’re not using

Notable Quote

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.”

– Mark Twain

Have an awesome Sunday!



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