The Sunday Selection W/E 2/12/18

A great group of info packed articles for you this week!

Articles of the week

Lee Boyce with a great look at facepulls

The truth about slow metabolism and what you can do to boost it, from

Healthy hips, strong hips from Dean Somerset

Lifting weights is good for your heart

Paul Carter breaks down the rack pull

When is not making progress actually a good thing? by me.

Conditioning circuit of the week

Swings. Pushups. Waterslides. (Not actually waterslides, sorry)

12 swings.

max -2 pushups. (if you think you can get to 10 reps, stop at 8)

30s waterslide.

Rest no more than 30s between each exercise and aim for 6 rounds.

Best of the weeks social media

“Have to”  or “Get to”?

Full body or body part splits?

Fasted or fed cardio for fat loss

A great single leg exercise to try out

A simple, effective strength program to try

Notable Quote

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Have an awesome Sunday!


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