The Sunday Selection W/E 11/11/18

Articles of the week

Fayiz Dabdoub, on on when it’s ok to lift with less than perfect form with great info on the link between Vit D and reducing symptoms of depression.

I like the DB single arm press for a lot of clients, great overview from

Why I keep on about higher protein intakes for fat loss!

Jason Brown (on on building a bigger butt 

Strong is for everyone, from

Great tips on managing stress, from Bryan Krahn

Conditioning circuit of the week

Double trouble! Grab a couple of kettlebells and give the following a go. Use a weight that you can use for the weakest of the 3 exercises, usually the front squat.

Double KB swing x 10

Double KB front squat x 10

Double KB bentover row x 10

Pushups x 10

30-60s rest

3-5 rounds

Best of the weeks social media

A simple dynamic warmup to get you ready to train

Eating veggies for better fat loss?

A simple upgrade for your hip flexor stretch

Notable Quote

“Do or do not, there is no try.”

– Yoda

Have an awesome Sunday!



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