The real reason we workout…

Last week we moved into a new house, and on the hottest day of the year I found myself shifting a house load of stuff from our storage unit into a van then into our home. Sofa, beds, shelving units and a seemingly endless line of boxes filled with stuff I had forgotten that we even had.

And it was fine, if a little sweaty.

What made it easier was the strength and fitness I’ve built up over the last however many years of training I’ve done. Getting stronger makes everything else a whole lot easier.

This quote sums it up nicely, though I don’t know where I heard/read it.

“What you do inside the gym, makes everything outside the gym easier.”

  • Want to get faster? Develop more strength.
  • Want to improve your endurance? Get stronger first.
  • Want to move more easily in your day to day life? Get stronger.
  • Want to lift heavy boxes all day long? Nah, me neither, but getting stronger definitely makes it easier.

With clients, I love to see them achieve new PRs in training, whether it’s a bigger deadlift, adding an extra couple of reps to their rows, or being able to squat pain free for the first time in years. But what I really enjoy hearing from them is the little wins they get outside of training:

– Being able to handle stairs with no knee pain,

– Managing a long walk without having to stop to get their breath back half a dozen times throughout it.

– In other words, handling whatever life throws at them with more ease than they could have previously.

If you want to start building a little more strength, resiliency and fitness, you can download a sample program here (session 1, session 2), or get in touch about my online programming options here.


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