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One of my favourite quotes is this:


Excellence, I think, doesn’t need to mean you’re the best in the World at whatever you do. It’s not even being the best in your country, or town, or amongst your group of friends/ colleagues/ training group. Though there is nothing wrong with trying to be the best in any of these groups. The problem with that is that you have no control over others talents, work ethics or genetic abilities.

Excellence, in anything, is about being as good at something as you can. To get good at anything you have to put in the practice and effort.

If you want to get stronger

You need to put in time and effort.

If you can consistently get 2 training sessions per week, you can still make good progress, it will take longer and you need to be a little smarter about how you train. However, there will be an upper limit to how far you can take things. The research into this topic consistently shows that for strength gains, higher weekly frequency outperforms lower frequencies.

Gaining muscle mass comes down to volume, so training 4 sessions will lead to more adaptations than training 2 times per week.

If you can commit 3-4 sessions every week then progress will happen more quickly and you will be able to go further with your potential.

However, for most of us, training should complement our lives and other commitments. Doing whatever you can is always better than doing nothing.

To improve your fat loss results

You are the average of what you do regularly.

Being on target 50% of the time won’t get the job done. You need to be more consistent to be able to see the results you want, to get reasonably lean you need around 80-90% consistency with your diet. That means each week you get to go a little off plan for 3-6 meals, assuming you eat 4 meals/ snacks per day.

Diet is the controlling factor for whatever body composition change you want to see.

You want to add muscle mass? You need to consistently eat enough protein and be in a small calorie surplus every day.

You want to lose fat? You need to consistently eat enough protein and be in a small calorie deficit every day.

(Notice the protein doesn’t change?)

And you have to do these things every day for a long time. You don’t get results from what you do 1 or 2 days a week. Though unfortunately, 1 or 2 days can derail what you do the other 5…

If you want to improve in any area, take a good long look at how consistently you do whatever you do, then ask yourself if you really are doing what is needed to get you moving forward.

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