The Best Exercise in the World (since the last one!)

This is the start of a new, occasional series of the exercises I’ve been playing around with that I’m calling, “The Best Exercise in the World (since the last one!)”.  It’ll pop up now and again, usually once a month, with a new exercise variation I’ve found or been playing with, to give you some variety to add to your program.

Sometimes the exercise will be something I’ve found useful in my clients training, sometimes it’ll be from my own training, and sometimes I’ll have discovered it on social media feed and think it’s worth sharing. In which case I’ll let you know who I found it from and give your the links to follow them if you wish.

This week I have a variation on the swiss ball rollout using a foam roller that I have given to a couple of clients who don’t have a Swiss ball or ab wheel. And since almost everyone and their granny has a foam roller, it seemed like a good option.

Basically, set up in a plank position with your forearms on a roller. About half way along your forearms works well, then tucking your pelvis under, raise yourself up and “roll” your arms away from you, making sure you control the roll and don’t allow your low back to arch.

Sets of 5-10 reps depending on your strength.

Stay strong,



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