Sneaking up on improvement

We all know someone who, after starting a new diet or training period and going hell for leather for about 10 days, only to quit and be no further forward than when they started. Or, if they do make some amount of progress, they slip back to previous habits and all progress is quickly lost.


Here are a few tips on making progress that sticks:

Get a program, aimlessly wandering around doing just the things you like will get you nowhere fast. The people you see at the gym getting stronger, fitter and in better shape, are the ones that are following a plan.

Find the right system for you. Just because that fitness model you follow on Instagram posted their workout for today, doesn’t mean you’ll look like that model after doing it. They had to start somewhere and their training has evolved over their training history. If you can’t see you training in a certain style 5 years or more from now, it might not be for you.

Follow the program. All the way through. All of it. Only then do you get to say whether it works or not, too often someone will start a program, change 5 of the 8 exercises in the days session, and complain it doesn’t work.

Nutritionally,  build habits that will give you all the nutrients you need, the right amount of calories for your training and body comp goals and most importantly, you can see yourself doing them in 5 years time.

Get some decent sleep. Being permanently exhausted isn’t a badge of honour. Get some decent sleep, let your body recover and not only will you perform better, but you’ll improve your bodys ability to lose fat.

Make slow, but steady progress in training.  Add some weight to the bar, go from 8 reps to 12, shorten your rest times for 90s to 75s. Do one thing ever session that is better than you did the last time.  If you are doing the same weights and reps 6 months from now, then guess what? You aren’t progressing. You aren’t getting stronger, you aren’t getting fitter and you probably aren’t a different shape than when you started.

Stay strong,



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