Rachel McDonald – Pre- and postnatal client

When I started seeing Dave, I’d had two pregnancies close together. I was experiencing a lot of shoulder pain & arm/hand numbness from breastfeeding and my abs were what I could only describe as a dead zone. Dave got me fighting fit over the next couple of years and when I fell pregnant again last year I was a little worried about how long it would take me to get back to my former level of fitness.

This time around  I trained with Dave throughout my pregnancy until about 36 weeks and restarted training around 10 weeks postpartum.
Even before I had restarted training, I felt that my body had recovered better and more quickly from this pregnancy than my previous two. And although I was experiencing some fairly awful shoulder/arm/hand pain again from breastfeeding, once I was training again and started rebuilding my strength, this had eased off massively within a couple of months.

Starting personal training is one of the best decisions I’ve made, it keeps me happy and healthy.

He managed to keep my training challenging whilst I was pregnant whilst ensuring I was never undertaking something that put me at risk of injury.
He also has good chat about where to get the best doughnuts in town.”