Just a few things w/e 28/2/21

Already at the end of Feb! Time flies when you’re having fun…

With the recent announcement regarding lockdowns and the return to whatever level of normal is going to be, it’s going to be 6-8 weeks minimum before the gyms open back up. And if you are struggling to keep the momentum going with your home workouts, then here is a couple of tips to help.

A couple of thoughts on snacking…

If you find yourself consistently reaching for a snack at similar times each day, you have to ask yourself if it’s due to hunger or habit.

If it’s habit, and your goal is fat loss and you’re struggling to make progress, then you need to look at your habits and find a way to change your environment (don’t keep snacks in the same place or in the house at all), your snack choices (switch to protein based snacks or fruit/ veg), or give yourself a time gap (“If I still want a snack in 10 minutes, then I’ll have it). This will help you adjust your snacking habit and you’ll likely find that you snack less.

If, on the other hand, you are genuinely hungry between meals, then you might need to adjust your portion sizes/ food choices in your main meals. Hunger is part of the process of fat loss, you’re eating fewer calories and your food volume is probably lower than what you are used to. If this consistently happens, then you are going to struggle to limit snacking and you won’t be in the required calorie deficit consistently enough to see progress.

If this is the case, you need to look at the portion sizes and food choices in your meals. Selecting more high volume, lower calorie foods will help fill you up more. As a bonus, higher volume, low cal foods tend to be ones that are higher in fibre, such as vegetables, pulses and fruit, or higher in protein, such as lean meat or fish.

Both fibre and protein are more satiating than the more hyper palatable foods you may be selecting. And switching to these foods boosts your nutrient intake and reduces hunger between meals.

A workout template that I’ve been using a bit lately is this:

50x KB swings

40x pushups

30x pull aparts

20x rfess (per leg)

10x rollouts.

It’s a session I can fit in anywhere in the day, 1 round can be done in about 12 minutes, and it can give enough variations to keep things interesting. For example:

I always keep the 50 reps of swings.

The 40 could be DB presses, or squeeze presses.

The 30 could be band rows or bent over rows.

RFESS’s can be swapped to SL RDLS, split squats or another lunge variation.

Rollouts can be loaded crunches, plank walkouts, side plank hip lifts or dead bugs.

The point is, is its a good template you can use to suit your own preferences and needs, fit it into a short amount of time, and you can split the reps into more manageable blocks if needed.

Give it a go.

If you’ve not checked out this weeks blog post on ways to upgrade your plank, you should probably do that

And this week’s podcast was an interview with John Wood of Tri Coaching, John gave some great info on building endurance and integrating strength training for endurance athletes.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Stay strong,


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