Just a few things w/e 21/2/21

I had a poll up on my Instagram stories this week asking for the biggest struggles with training and nutrition right now, and the majority of answers were:

  • lack of motivation to workout
  • struggling with the separation of space
  • binge snacking

So let’s do a quick hit on each.

Motivation needs a kickstart to come into play. Inspiration, dissatisfaction, desire to change etc are what makes you want to take action. Taking action, seeing results, no matter how small they seem, is what brings motivation into play and keeps you going. So schedule in workout times, make a commitment to doing something, maybe just your warmup or the first superset in your plan, and that’s usually enough to get you over the hurdle and on your way to completing your workout.

The separation of space in your home is a tough one to beat. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a home gym set up in a garage or spare room, switching from living room to spare room, or going into the hall to workout just isn’t as easy as heading to the gym. So here are a couple of tips:

  1. Make the space your workout inconsistent, that way you start to associate the space with the activity.
  2. Make your training times consistent
  3. If you are working and working out in the same space, make sure to clear away your work stuff before you train, this creates a little more separation between the different uses of the space and builds a better association with working out.

Lack of control when it comes down to snacking can be looked at a couple of ways. The first is a will power issue, if the foods you snack on are in the house, you will inevitably eat them. And if they are foods you can’t just say you’ll have one or 2 of, then you’ll crush the entire pack. Once again environment comes into play, not having them in the house all the time removes the trigger. This isn’t to say you can’t ever have them, but you need to make a more conscious effort to go find them. Secondly, if you find yourself craving these foods, is it because you are denying yourself them through the rest of the week? Maybe by allowing yourself occasional, strategic snacks built into your calorie allowances you remove the build up of the craving for them and binging is no longer/ less of an issue.

My sleep hasn’t been wonderful over the last week or so. No real idea why, but I’ve been waking around 3.30/4 and struggling to get back to sleep. I’ve made a few changes and they seem to be helping though.

  • Using a lightweight blanket to make sure no light gets in around the sides of the blinds until I get a chance to get proper curtains.
  • Reading an actual book at night instead of using the kindle app on my phone
  • Getting more bright light earlier in the day.

Light plays a massive role in our ability to get good quality sleep. From the light we get earlier in the day, to the light from screens at night, it play either be a great help, or completely derail your ability to get to and stay asleep.

The changes I’ve made seem to be having a positive effect, and having bright, lighter mornings is definitely helping. Getting a decent amount of natural light in your eyes early in the day is a great way to regulate your circadian rhythm, which in turn helps you get to sleep more easily and stay asleep more consistently.

Here’s a useful article I found on the subject with more info for you.

The best stretch in the world.

This stretch is a staple in my warmups for both clients and myself. It hits a lot of things, from upper back extension and rotation, to hip mobility and shoulder stability, it does it all.

The video has the standard version plus a regression if you have trouble with your shoulders or ability to get your hands overhead without arching your low back, and a progression to challenge your shoulder stability a little more.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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