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Calorie balance always wins. 

For any change in body composition to happen, whether it is fat loss or muscle gain, calories are ultimately the driving force behind the results you get.

For muscle gain to happen, you have to have a consistent calorie surplus to fuel and recover from workouts and to provide the necessary energy for creating new muscle tissue. Too little, and progress is going to be glacially slow. Too much and you’ll put on more body fat on top of that hard earned muscle.

For fat loss, you have to be in a consistent calorie deficit in order for your body to pull stored energy (body fat) out for use. Too small a deficit and the changes are super slow and unmotivating, too big a deficit and you will see quicker progress, but are less likely to stay on course long enough to see the results you want.

While other factors such as your age, sex, health status, stress levels, genetics, starting body composition and more all play a role in fat loss and mucsle gain, that roles is smaller than you might think. These might have some say in steering the direction, but calories are driving the body composition bus.

2 wicked ab exercises you don’t need much equipment for.

Core training can get a bit boring, so here are 2 great (read: challenging) core exercises you can do pretty much anywhere with just a resistance band and a foam roller.

Overload eccentric sit up

Set up with your heels hooked over a solid block or weight, this’ll help engage your hamstrings and limit the hip flexors taking over too much. MAke sure your band is anchored and won’t move or ping off and smack you in the head…

Hold it at shoulder height as you perform a sit up, then extend your arms overhead to increase the effective load on your abs, then control the eccentric (lowering) phase of the movement.

Foam roller rollout

Set up in a plank position with your forearms on a foam roller, make sure you keep pushed away from the roller and keep your hips tucked under. Then, roll the roller out and back, under control. This changes the lever length of the load on your abs forcing you to adapt and retain control.

Instead of just trying to simply add more stuff…

Why not try doing what you are currently doing a little better?

We always assume that the answer is to add more stuff to solve our problems, but sometimes it’s better to focus on improving what we are already doing well first. For example, instead of trying to shoehorn in an extra serving of protein into your day, try increasing the amounts in the meals you are already having.

Instead of trying to fit in another workout, focus on increasing the intensity (load) in the ones you’re doing already. This might add a few minutes to your total workout time, due to the increased need to rest between sets, but by challenging yourself a little harder in each session, you’ll benefit more.

Instead of trying to figure out which sdiupplement you should add in to your routine, try adding an extra half hour of sleep to boost recovery and improve physical and mental performance.

What are you already doing that you can improve by a few percent to boost your results?

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