Just a few things W/e 14/3/21

The fat loss equation.

Note, this is simple, not easy…

(A calorie deficit with adequate protein + lifting heavy things + walking) x consistency = Amazing results.

There is no real secret to fat loss. You have to be in a calorie deficit, this is non-negotiable as it is what drives your body to use your stored energy, aka body fat, to provide the shortfall from your diet. And in order to maintain as much muscle as possible and lose more weight from fat stores, you need your protein intake to be high enough to provide the necessary nutrients. To put these nutrients to work, you need to provide stimulus in the form of lifting heavy things regularly. So far, so good.

The walking (and general movement) is important because the longer you are in a calorie deficit the more your body tries to reduce any unnecessary activity to compensate for the lower food intake. Your body doesn’t know you’re doing it on purpose, it only knows it’s getting less food than normal and in order to protect itself, it slows you down. Often this is done without you even being aware of it, so to counteract this ancient defensive mechanism, you have to be proactive in getting out for a walk and staying as active as you can. (More on that in the next section…)

And finally, the bit everyone forgets about, consistency. I’ve often said that your results are the average of what you do most. Lifting heavy for a week, or being in a deficit for a week won’t get you far if that as long as they last for. Doing these things week in and week out is what will get all the little bits of progress they make to add up into dramatic results over the long term. And the key to consistency is finding the dietary and training approaches that help you stay on track the best. So don’t be afraid to experiment a little, fail now and again, and narrow in on what works best for you.

It’s starting to get a little warmer, a little sunnier and lighter for longer, so try to take advantage of this to get outside a bit more than you might have been. We all know we should be getting out more, whether that’s for a good brisk walk, or just to get a little more natural light into our eyes which boosts mood, improves creativity and helps us sleep better by regulating our circadian rhythms.

But making this happen, much like any other progress goal we set, requires that we plan it into our day. If we say we’ll do it later, that we’ll get round to it after whatever we are doing, something else always comes up. So here are a few ways you can increase your time outside:

  1. If you are working from home, do a mini commute. Take yourself for a 20 minute walk each morning, timed to get you home when you are due to start.
  2. Set a reminder to get out for a walk at lunch time.
  3. Do your workout outside.
  4. Schedule phone calls you need to make, and do them while walking, using headphones to make it easier. Obviously this only works for certain types of call depending on the nature of your work.
  5. Schedule your coffee breaks, set an alarm and take yourself outside for them.

The key is scheduling them and making yourself follow through.

Here is a useful KB swing fix to try, if you find you are too “squatty” with your swings.

The swing is a hinge, so your knees should roughly stay locked in space, without much if any forward/backward movement. The KB should also stay as high up between your thighs as you can get it, so the use of a block or second KB placed between your feet gives you immediate feedback if you drop too low and hit it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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