Just a few things w/e 14/2/21

Time for a refresh of my week ending round up. Sometimes it’ll be short and snappy, sometimes it’ll cover more topics, hopefully, you’ll always be able to take something useful away from it!

The Importance of Being Consistent

Every couple of weeks I get feedback from online clients about what is going well, what wins they have and what needs worked on. And what I’ve come to notice, which really is no surprise at all, is that those that see the biggest changes are those who are the most consistent.

Your results are the average of the actions you take. The more positive steps towards the goals you have set, the further towards them you are going to be. This is a good realisation to have for a couple of reasons:

  1. It means you don’t have to be perfect, week in and week out.
  2. The longer you do this, the less impact “bad” days have on your results.

When you start out, you’ll not get things right straight away. You’ll try things, make a mistake, hopefully learn from it and try again. Repeating the process until you zero in on the right approach for you. And as long as you take more positive steps then negative ones, you’ll edge closer to your goals. And as you make more and more progress, the effect of those backward steps is lessened, which gives you more wiggle room. This isn’t a free card to do whatever you want, tipping the balance away from the positive steps will start moving you backwards. The key to making progress is being as consistent as you can with your positive steps out numbering your negative ones.


This weeks podcast was back to just me, myself and I. After 3 interviews back to back to back, I thought a break was in order so I took the opportunity to answer a couple of questions I’d been asked.

You can check out the episode wherever you get your podcasts, or use the links below.

Enjoy the episode!

What should you do if you miss a training session or 2?

Fresh or frozen?

This is an interesting article looking at frozen food and the benefits it has over fresh. We’ve certainly found that having some frozen, ready prepped veggies on hand to throw into meals makes it so much easier at meal times to get 1 or 2 of your 5 a day!


Vertical Pallof press

This is one of my current favourite core exercises. You get a load of midsection action on it as well as a dose of shoulder mobility.
You can see more Pallof variations here: Resist the twist

And finally, if you are ready to upgrade your training and nutrition to get great results without crazy training plans and unsustainable diets, check out my online training option for more info and to apply for your space.

Online training with DBPT


Have an awesome Sunday!


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