Just a few things w/e 10/7/21

You don’t need to make massive changes to what you eat in order to see progress with your fat loss goals. If calories are set appropriately (10-20% deficit) then you can eat whatever you want and make progress.


Some foods make it easier than others. If you tend to eat more high calorie/lower nutrient foods you’ll be able to eat less of them, and therefore are more likely to feel hungrier between meals. Food volume matters when it comes to trying to feel full and not fight against hunger for large parts of your day. So increasing higher satiety foods, such as protein, fruit and veggies, which take longer to clear out of your stomach, help you remain fuller, limit hunger and make staying on course a lot easier.

This certainly doesn’t mean that you have to cut out all the tasty higher calorie foods you enjoy, it means that you may have to cut them down a bit and add in a little more of those lower calorie, higher nutrient foods.

This was a great podcast interview with Lindsey Vonn, considered to be one of the greatest skiers of all time. She talks about building confidence, journalling to help identify trends and what works for her, resilience throughout injuries and a ton more. There was a ton of great info in here, well worth checking out.

Five areas I see that are weak in most people:

  • glutes
  • lower abs (for pelvic control)
  • mid-back
  • grip strength
  • Serratus anterior

Addressing these areas will fix a lot of issues that are probably bugging you. The niggly shoulders, the achy low back, the grumpy knees can all be fixed (more often than not) by addressing those areas. Here are 5 exercises to help begin to work on those issues.


Key performance points:

Tight abs, maintain the connection between your hips and ribs.

Tuck your chin throughout

Drive through your heels

Lower ab/ pelvic control

Key performance points:

Actively tuck your pelvis as you extend your leg

Lower back stays pressed into the floor

Mid back

Key performance points:

Don’t swing your arms up, no momentum

Keep your thumbs pointing up

Grip strength

Key performance points:

Use a band or towel to loop through the KB

Squeeze the bejeezus out of it

Serratus ant

Key performance points:

Push yourself away from the trx handle as hard as you can, don’t sag onto it.

Keep the straps against the top of your shoulder so that the handle stays stacked below your arm pit.

Give these a go, focus on technique, and reap the benefits.

Stay strong,


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