Just 3 things w/e 9/8/20

Only 5 weeks (hopefully) until the gyms here in Scotland reopen…

What you should be doing…

If you are in the same boat, and you’re impatiently waiting for the gyms to reopen, then you should be using this time to get yourself as ready as possible to go back strong. This doesn’t mean lift heavy strong, it means in the best shape you can be given the equipment you have access to.

It means going back having worked a bit on your mobility issues so you can get into the best position for the movements you’ll be training.

It means working on the stability issues that may be holding you back from expressing strength adequately.

It means building a decent aerobic base so you can do more than just a couple of sets without feeling like your heart and lungs about to rip open your chest for oxygen.

Use that time now to make the return to training easier.

Don’t eat back your calories burned from exercise.

I get asked often about whether you should eat back your calories burned through activity, whether that’s from daily movement or structured exercise. And if your goal is fat loss, then you most definitely shouldn’t.

Here are 2 reasons why:

  1. Your activity level is built into your calorie calculators. If you are using MFP or something else, once your basal metabolic rate is worked out, an activity multiplier is applied to factor in your daily activity level and exercise frequency/ intensity. So that calorie burn is already accounted for and expected. Eating those calories back is just going to put you over your goal.
  2. Most activity trackers are way out on the accuracy front. For example a watch made by those Apple folks is out by around 25%. In short, “None of the 4 wrist-worn wearables should be employed to monitor EE at the intensities and durations tested.”

So if, for example, you track 400kcals of energy burn, that number could be overestimated by 25%, and if you eat those calories burned back, you wipe out any deficit created by the calorie calculations you made, whether those are from a formula or online calorie calculator.

Stick to your calorie targets, do the work, stay consistent.

I tried this recipe from my clients August recipe pack yesterday

It’ll definitely be one I use more regularly. You can add it to some pasta as I did, or have it with a salad to reduce calories and increase your veggie intake.

It’s super simple, really tasty and protein packed. You can even scan the barcode in the bottom corner if you use MFP to track calories and macros.

Have an awesome day!


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