Just 3 things w/e 7/2/21

It doesn’t have to be exciting all the time

We like novelty and excitement. It makes things more fun and helps keep the boredom away, but the problem is that the same search for novelty, particularly when it’s combined with FOMO, stops us from being as consistent as we need to be to reach our goals.

We think that we should be doing that cool exercise we say online, without understanding what it’s for and how it would fit into our training program. We read about a new training program from our favourite celebrity and do that, then another one comes out and we skip over to that one before we complete the first.

The same with diets. We read about the next big thing, so we jump on that because it sounds so good it has to work this time. Nevermind that it doesn’t fit with our goals and lifestyle. But it doesn’t last, exactly because it doesn’t fit with our goals and lifestyle, so we hop onto the next best diet, and repeat the cycle.

Success comes from doing the basics really well and really consistently. It certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to include more novelty into your training and diet, but it does mean that your focus should be on consistently nailing the basics.

Pushups – the most underrated exercise

I was on the BVOY (Best Version Of You) podcast you, and the host, Ed, asked what I thought was the most underrated exercise. My answer was pushups. It’s a simple exercise that is often overlooked because when it’s done poorly, as with most things, it’s value plummets.

There is a reason I have every client do pushups of one form or another. Actually I can think of several:

  • upper body strength
  • shoulder strength and stability
  • core strength (the pushup is a plank that moves)
  • lumbo-pelvic control, just a fancy way of saying you learn to control your hip position)

There are more, but they’re all just fancy ways of saying how you learn to control your body position while building strength.

Common errors I see with pushups are often fixed by one of 2 things. Either your use a bit of an incline to improve technique and adjust the exercise difficulty to your ability. Or your take some ego out of it and fix your position. Instead of doing 25 horrible reps, do 12 really, really, ridiculously good ones.

Ps, you can check out the episode here.

Changes are coming

I’ve taken the last week largely off of social media, it’s something I did just before Christmas and will do occasionally forevermore. The constant feed of info and demands on my attention, not to mention the constant feeling of needing to put out content gets old now and again, and I’ve found that taking a break gives me time to let my little brain recharge, and spend a little time thinking about new ideas or different ways of putting things.

My goal is always to provide as much value as I can, via social media, email and my podcast. One of the changes I’ll be putting in place from this week is to move my podcast and blog links to my Sunday post. The podcast will still come out on a Tuesday, my weekly article on a Thursday, but they’ll go out to my email list on a Sunday as part of my weekly roundup. And each Tuesday I’m going to be putting out exclusive content for my email list only. I feel that if you have given me your trust by signing up for the email list, then I need to be better at rewarding that trust with some stuff just for you.

So if you’re on the list already, thank you! And look out for the new stuff coming your way!

And if you’re not, what are you waiting for?

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