Just 3 things w/e 5/7/20

And it’s July. Just over 100 days into the lockdown and restrictions are starting to ease a bit. But it’s going to be a while I think before the gyms reopen, so how are you coping with training at home?

Something is better than nothing.

I’ve heard this put a number of different ways, but doing anything at all training wise is always going to beat doing nothing. Some days you might get a full 60 minutes of solid work done, some days it’ll be 5 minutes of mobility, but making a point of doing something each day is needed to get any benefit at all.

Building some kind of momentum with exercise now, will pay off when the gyms do reopen and you get back into heavier load training. Maintaining the lean mass you have is relatively easy, strength will have gone down a long way but it’ll come back, and that will be made easier if you have done some work over the lockdown period.

You’ll benefit both physically and mentally.

Don’t believe calorie calculators

A calorie deficit is what drives fat loss, so knowing where your maintenance calorie needs are is kind of important in order to create a reasonable deficit. With a huge number of calorie calculators out there, it can be tempting to take their recommendations as gospel and find you aren’t making the kind of progress you would expect.

The reason is simple: no calorie calculator can accurately assume your individual characteristics for 2 main reasons.

  1. Your daily needs fluctuate on a constant basis, depending on a number of factors.
  2. Calculators use a best fit to accommodate as many of the data points collected as it can.

So while a calculator (and this definitely includes the one in MFP) may be a good for for a small number of people some of the time, it will likely be a long way off the rest of the time and for the rest of the people.

If you ant to track calories, what to do instead, is to track your calories as accurately as you can for 2 weeks. Be honest, track everything you eat and take the average of your daily calories as your maintenance. Assuming of course your weight hasn’t changed significantly. For that I’d say about 2kgs either way of where you started.

Then take a 15-25% cut and you have the deficit that’s more accurate for you at this point in time. As you lose weight/ fat, then you will need to adjust, but this will get you going.

Banded pec fly

Training at home limits you a great deal in your exercise selection, but I came up with chest option when I was playing around with some new bands I recently got.

On a side note, make sure you anchor your bands properly, I didn’t and during some band presses, the attachment let go and slammed me in the back with around 70kg of loading…it stung but fortunately that was as bad as it got. Not even a bruise for my trouble!)

Most options you have are in the pressing category, which is fine, but flys are a great option to work your chest and front of your shoulders in a different plane of action.

The banded pec fly is a great option, setting up with a little twist away from the anchor point to create a stretch in the chest, then bracing your abs and ass hard to resist the band pulling you out of position. Squeeze hard as you pull the band across your midline.

Sets of 10-20 per side seem to be working pretty well.

Stay strong,


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