Just 3 things W/e 4/10/20

With the days getting shorter and colder, it seems inevitable that we are doomed to the misery and depression that winter has in store for us. Or are we?

In a great article on how Norwegians deal with long dark winters, where they go for long periods with only 2-3 hours of indirect sunlight, David Robson looks at how the mindset of the locals transforms the potentially gloomy few months into just a regular part of the calendar.

Using the idea of framing to better interpret your circumstances also has a great potential for your health and fitness goals too. By simply switching how you refer to your goals, approach and abilities, you can start making bigger strides to your goals.

For example, switching from saying “I can’t do that” to “I don’t know how to do that yet, but I can learn” opens up the option of learning a new skill and making progress down a route you might have once thought closed to you.

With just under 3 months left of the shitshow that is 2020, what are you going to do with this last portion of the year?

To paraphrase Bill Gates, “Most people overestimate what they can do in week and underestimate what they can do in three months.”

It would be tempting to write off the rest of the year and say you’ll start again fresh in January. But there are 2 issues with that:

  1. You’ll be 3 months further ahead if you start now, and
  2. You have no guarantee that 2021 is going to be much better (as depressing as that sounds!)

So what can you do in 3 months to move you closer to whatever your health, fitness and body composition goals are?

You could get a handle on your nutrition like my client Lisa. Going from feeling stuck, to tracking for a while to get a better idea of her needs, to moving to a more intuitive based model once she gained a better understanding of where she was with her diet.

You could get to grips with your training like my clients Stacey and Ali. Stacey has built a great routine with her home training sessions to balance out her lifestyle as a busy mum and business owner, feeling stronger and fitter. And Ali has worked hard over the last few months to incorporate his training and nutrition into his lifestyle and is now back in the gym making big steps in his strength and body comp goals.

The point is, that you can do a lot more in the next 3 months than you might think, so get started now and you won’t regret it.

Deadlifts are my favourite. They are one exercise that everyone should do more of and that not enough people do. Here are 3 tips to help you improve your deadlift, regardless of the variation you choose to use.

  1. Crush the grip. This helps build your grip strength but also, through a process called irradiation gets your rotator cuff on harder to protect your should socket and engages more of the trunk musculature to provide more stability.
  2. Choose your set up height based on your ability to get into position, not on what Johnnybiggunz123 on the internet says is right. Not everyone is built to pull from the floor with a conventional deadlift, you may find that you need to pop a couple of block under the plates to bring it up to a height you can more safely pull from. As demonstrated by Ali below.deadlifts from the floor vs from plates
  3. Instead of pulling the weight up, hold on tight and push the floor away. As weird as it sounds, the deadlift is all about leg drive initially. I got this tip hearing Eddie Hall speak a couple of years ago and while your upper back has to be strong enough to hold position under a load, the leg drive bit makes sense. And when you’re told by a guy who can do this, you listen!

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