Just 3 things w/e 31/1/21

There is no end date.

We have a habit of fixating on the outcomes we want. Whether that is a bigger deadlift, decent abs, a faster 5K or whatever, we focus on that distant point, imagining what it’ll be like when we get there.

Here’s the thing though, nothing changes.

I’m not saying that these things don’t matter, they do, because without them, we would be directionless in training and diet, and that wouldn’t be a good place to be. We need those goals to aim for to keep us moving forward and give us the direction we all need.

But the more important part of the process is the process. It’s building the habits that we need to be successful in our training and nutrition journey. It’s making ourselves into the type of people who workout regularly, who pay attention to what we eat, who focus a little more on sleep and recovery, and who, eventually are able to tick off the goals we set while others fall off track.

By putting a little more focus on the process, and understanding that it is a neverending journey, we end up able to do so much more than we initially thought we could.

So focus on the process, and the outcomes will take care of themselves.

Environment and food choice

I posted a video on my Youtube channel this week on the role of your environment on your food choices and, ultimately, your success in being able to change your diet to suit your goal.

When we start to make changes in what we eat, regardless of the goal, we often forget about the role that our environments play in our ability to make sustainable changes. The foods we keep in our homes, cars, workplaces etc can often make or break your ability to stay on track.

This seems obvious, but I often have conversations about this topic, where certain foods are kept in supply and will power is expected to help us stay clear of them. The problem is, is that willpower is finite, and when you’re tired, stressed, bored, or a combo of all three, willpower buggers off and leaves you wrist-deep in a bag of Doritos. Willpower works best when it’s not always relied on. By not having foods that are hyper palateable (typically combos of fat and sugar that are super moreish), in front of you constantly, makes it a whole lot easier to improve your diet.

Similarly, the routes we take to our most frequented locations, such as work, or the school drop-off, may take you past shops that make it tempting to go and pick something up on the way past. By changing these routes slightly, we can remove that temptation.

Neither of these options mean you can’t ever have the foods you enjoy ever again. It means that you need to make a conscious decision to have them. Often, when we are bored or stressed or tired, we reach for these foods out of habit. By removing them, we have to consider if we really want them, and then make the effort to go get them.

You can check out the video here –


Banded frog squats

Here is a great way to load up a frog squat to provide extra loading through your quads.

The frog squat is effectively a leg extension, except that your feet are locked in place and your hips are moving as you extend your knees (instead of fixed hips, moving feet). Adding some band resistance, that increases as you get closer to full knee extension, just makes it all a bit spicier.

I’ve been doing them as sets of 15-20 as part of a triple set with RFESS and sitting down while my legs shake.

Enjoy them.

Stay strong,


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