Just 3 things W/e 20/9/20

The end of another week! I hope your week and weekend have been good. Week 3 of training for me and I’m loving being back in the gym, though I understand why a lot of people haven’t made the decision to come back just yet. What are your thoughts on it? Back in the gym? Or holding off a little longer?

Look for the little wins

It’s easy to only celebrate the big wins in our training and fat loss journeys. The deadlift pr, the extra inch lost or finally getting into that pair of jeans. And these are all things that absolutely are worth celebrating, they show that you’ve put in the work, and achieved a goal.

But they don’t happen with regularity. They tend to only be occasional, or final, and you likely have to wait a while to get to celebrate them.

What I think is more valuable, is finding the small wins that happen each week, and celebrating them. Not with a blowout meal, obviously, since that would undo the efforts you’re celebrating, but with, at the very least, an acknowledgement of what you’ve done.

For example:

  • you consistently hit at least 100g of protein each day
  • you made all your training sessions that week
  • you got to bed on time more times than last week.
  • you got all your reps, with the same weight, on an exercise you struggled with last time
  • you had 1 more serving of fruit and veg than last week.
  • you did your mobility work more days than you missed it

I could go on forever with this list, since there are loads of ways you can find little wins, but I think you get the point. They may not be celebrating perfect action, but they look for ways you’ve improved, just a little, on what you did before.

Looking for these wins will help keep the momentum going and as an extension, keep your motivation up.

The only way to lose weight

I had a question the other day from someone asking if it was possible to lose weight without a calorie deficit. The answer is no, you can’t. But I think there is a lot of misinformation on the internet from gurus suggesting that they can help you manipulate hormones, detoxify you, or in some other way trick your body into losing weight while not being in any kind of caloric deficit. And of course, you have the folks that say you can eat what you want and lose fat. Usually these are the shredded fitness folks cramming a quadruple cheeseburger into their face while flexing for the cameraWhat they don’t show you is the stack of Tupperware boxes filled with chicken and broccoli they eat for every other meal in the week.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you think of body fat as stored energy, because that is what it is, then in order to use that energy, you need to take in less than you need from food and require your body to tap into those energy stores more often. This is where the calorie deficit is key. You can create the deficit from diet, daily movement and exercise, the ease and magnitude of the shortfall drops in that order, with diet being the easiest way to consistently reduce the calorie in side of the equation. Daily movement (getting your 10000 steps) comes next, and exercise is a pretty poor burner of calories.

In an ideal world, all three combine to create the effect you want. A moderate deficit from your diet, maintaining your daily activity levels to offset any metabolic slowing due tot he reduced calories and a sprinkling of resistance training to help you maintain as much lean mass as you can.

And if anyone tells you they can manipulate your hormone and spirit walk your fat away, tell them to bugger off.

Workout idea

This is a conditioning session that I have in my own program, and I thought I’d share it with you guys. The aim is to get through it in as little time as you can, but remember to keep your technique solid throughout.

1000m row

Then 8 rounds of 2 pullups, 6 pushups, and 9 reverse lunges per leg,

Finish with a 500m row.

Simple and effective.

If you struggle with any of these, here are a few swaps you can use.

Swap the row for the bike, 2km and 1km respectively.

Swap the pull ups for 3x inverted rows or 5 TRX rows with a good incline on them.

Make the pushups inclined to allow you to do them with great technique.

Keep a note of your time, and let me know how you get on!

Have a great day,



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