Just 3 things W/e 2/8/20

And we roll into August…

Here in Scotland, despite the rest of the gyms in the UK opening their doors already, we have another 6 (!)  weeks to potentially wait for us to be able to lift again. And, while you can happily go get drunk in a pub and forget about social distancing, you can’t work to improve your health and fitness. I guess that money talks…

But! We can’t let that small fact get us down. We can’t control when they open the gyms again, but we can control our mindset about what we do between now and then. So if you are in the same boat, focus on staying consistent with your home workouts. No, they’re anything but optimal, but you can still make progress and focus on getting back to the gym in the best condition you can. The next 6 weeks will fly by!

And if you are already back, or about to be back in training, I’ve got a free training plan for you to use. You can get your copy here.

(If you are already an email subscriber, you’ll have had a copy already sent out!)


When we are trying to make changes happen in our lifestyle, whether it’s training or nutrition, you can either try to push yourself into doing them, or you can work smarter. If you are really interested in changing your behaviours and habits, instead of always thinking about pushing yourself forwards, into resistance, how about simply removing some of that resistance?

Resistance comes in many forms, it could be not having access to the food you need for eating more healthily. It could be that your gym is all the way over at the other side of town. It could be that you use your phone, sitting right next to your bed as your alarm clock. And these things mean it’s easy to fall off the diet track, or skip a gym session and sleep in.

So instead of forcing yourself to do things as they are, change them. You have the power to do so.

Do an online shop for the ingredients you need.

Change your gym so it’s closer to home or on your way to or from work.

Move your alarm away from your bed so you have to get up to switch it off.

What is currently limiting your ability to make progress? What can you do in the coming weeks to change it?


This exercise went down pretty well in social media land. It’s a great core exercise that you can use any type of loading with, I used a KB because that’s what I have!

Make sure to get your butt back to protect your low back, but keep your weight on the front leg.

Keep your arms as straight as possible throughout, they’ll bend a little but try to minimise it.

Control is the name of the game.

Have a great day,



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