Just 3 things W/e 14/6/20

Z list “celebs” and fat loss

Yet another Z lister has been on social media this week promoting fat loss shortcuts, this time “Skinny jabs”. FFS.

If anyone wants to lose weight, good for them. But if they use their status to try to promote that it was all down to injections, potions, cleanses or other fast fixes without telling you that there is a calorie deficit involved and the results are short lived, at best, then they are money grabbing asshats.

The science behind the skinny jab is reasonable, it uses Liraglutide, a drug more commonly prescribed to type 2 diabetics to increase insulin secretion, suppress glucagon secretion and slows gastric emptying.

The drug most likely does reduce appetite. All of these things tell your body that there is enough food present and you don’t feel the need to eat more. AKA it helps you create a calorie defict. This is great if you are a Type II diabetic and need a quick fix to get things under control while you work with a professional who can help you build better habits and knowledge around nutrition to fix a major health issue.

It’s not for celebs to promote fat loss and make a quick quid or 3 from getting impressionable/ desperate people to part with their cash with the promise of easy fat loss. There is far too much of this type of thing on social media, and it drives me nuts.

Anyway, I’ll end my rant there.

If you want to make real, sustainable process, it’ll take a bit longer, but ultimately you’ll be better for it and you won’t need to keep getting injections to make it happen.

The return to the gym and the adaptation to change

I put a poll out on Facebook and Instagram this week asking if people would be heading straight back into the gym once they re-open or if they’ll be waiting a while. The results were a lot more one sided than I expected:


About 3 weeks ago, a friend posted a similar poll and the results were almost exactly opposite, with over 70% of people who responded saying they’d wait for a while before going back. It’s an interesting, if small, example of how we adapt to change and start to feel more comfortable over time. Things become the new normal and we start to believe that they’ve always been as they are. It just takes a bit of time for our primitive little brains to figure out a few things and then it settles down.

Fat loss is similar in many ways. There is an initial change in calorie intake, which is perceived as a threat to your survival by the primitive part of your brain, and it does all kinds of chicanery to make you eat more and save some energy. From slowing down your non exercise activity levels, to increasing hunger signalling and being more aware of food, your brain is paranoid that you’re in danger and tries to help.

But over time, as your body adapts to the lower calories, the threat level decreases as nothing bad has happened and things become more normal. This is one of the reasons why, initially, fat loss is hard. Your body sees it as a threat to its survival. With time, it learns that you’re ok and it’s all good. But the key is that you need to keep going to get to that point, and that is easier if you take things a little more slowly, using a smaller calorie deficit and not restricitng things too much too quickly. It’s also the reason you need to give the process longer than you might think, which in turn is part of the reason people are seduced by Z listers and their skinny jab/tea/coffee enemas.

Be patient, trust the process, and reap the benefits.

A simple session to cover your bases with just a resistance band

I posted this on my social media yesterday, a simple circuit session that you can do with just a resistance band, but you can easily adapt each movement to bodyweight or DB/ KB loading if you prefer.

Do each movement for 30-45s, using the rest fo the minute to recover/ transition into the next exercise. Start with the push ups and finish with the crunches. You can either go straight into the next round (for example if you only have a light band and feel it’s easy) or rest a minute or 2 between rounds. Aim for quality reps over speed, keep technique tight and a minimum of 3 rounds.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Stay healthy,



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