The best goddam fitness articles of the week w/c 7th of Nov ’16

Another week, another great selection of awesome fitness and nutrition articles for your enjoyment!

For anyone thinking of getting into training after the big 4-0, (hint: you really, really should!), here is a great article from Brad Borland on

The TRX is an awesome tool, here Chris Cooper takes us through 5 TRX exercises for healthier shoulders on

Dean Somerset drops a knowledge bomb on why we all need to squat differently. Anatomical differences count! Via Mike Reinolds blog.

Great article from Gavin McHale on mindset mistakes and how to fix them

Sleep is a hugely underrated part of the fitness and fat loss equation, here’s a great article on how sleep affects your fat loss journey from Marc Halpern on

Half an hour or so of great info for you to check out!

Stay healthy,


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