The best exercise since ever! Waterslides!

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Not these waterslides unfortunately! The waterslide is what I called the hollow body core exercise after I saw one of my clients do them, and I swear to Yoda, he looked like he was going down a waterslide. So the name stuck.

I tend to use these as an alternative to other exercises in this category such as planks, rollouts, fallouts etc.

What are they?

This core exercise is an anti-extension superstar. Anti-extension is simply resisting the forces that want to pull you hips and ribs in different directions. Your job with this range of exercises is to maintain hip-rib cohesion.

This is important in maintaining good posture – ribs stay down, hips stay close to flat (no excessive forward tilt), and reducing low back pain.

how do you do a waterslide?

Tips for success:

  • Your main goal is to keep your low back in a flat or neutral position
  • The closer your feet and arms are to your centre of mass, the easier it becomes.
  • As you can see in the video, the flatter and more extended you have your arms and legs get, the more difficult the exercise becomes.
  • Imagine pulling your pelvis up towards your belly button, resist the pull of your hip flexors and quads
  • Breathe!!!!

Start with 3-4 sets of 15 to 60 seconds, beginning with the level of difficulty you can manage, gradually progressing through the levels.

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