5 short and super simple workouts

With the Christmas holiday just around the corner, we sometimes find ourselves pushed for time to get into the gym and keep our training momentum going. To help you out, here are 5 super simple, excellently effective workouts you can do in around 30 minutes.

You can get in, get done and get out again to get on with everything else that’s going on at this time of year.

Full body blitz

This session is based on one of the conditioning days in my Strong Project training program. It is full body, timed circuits designed to create maximum volume in a short time.

Circuit 1

Trap bar deadlift x30s, rest 30s

DB press x30s, rest 30s

Goblet squat x30s, rest 2 minutes

Repeat for 3 rounds.

Rest 5 minutes.

Circuit 2

Chest supported DB rowx30s, rest 30s

Pushup x30s, rest 30s

KB swing x30s,

rest 2 minutes

Repeat for 3 rounds.

Use weights you could do around 15 reps with, keep the rest times strict!


This one can be done in the gym or can be done at home if you have a kettlebell.

KB swings x10

Pushups x 10,8,6,4,2

Bonus rounds if you can work your way back up 2,4,6,8,10.

Do 10 swings, 10 pushups, 10 swings, 8 pushups, etc. Rest as little as you have to but as much as you need to keep the technique looking great and use incline pushups if needed.

Go heavy, then go home

If what you need is to lift something heavy and be done, this is for you.

You’re going to use your daily 5RM for this one. That is the load you can handle that day for a solid 5 reps. It’ll feel like an 8 out of 10. It likely won’t be your all-time best numbers, but the point here is to get in and get done.

Squat (back, front, heavy goblet) 2×5

Deadlift (conventional, sumo, trap bar) 2×5

Bench press (flat, incline) 2×5

Super simple.

Full body AMRAP

You’ll need a couple of dumbbells and a bench for this one. You have 5 exercises and 20 minutes on the clock, see how many rounds as you can do.

A1 DB press x8

A2 Goblet reverse lunge x8 per side

A3 DB bentover row

A4 Renegade row x8 per side

A5 Split stance RDL x8 per leg

Rest as needed and use your 10-12 rep maxes for loading.

Deadlifts and carries

I find the high handle trap bar variation works best here, there is less demand for technical perfection and you can still move some decent weight.

Trap bar deadlift x6 reps using a weight you could do for 8 -10 reps.

DB farmers carries x30m using the best weight you can.

Rest as needed, 5-8 rounds, depending on how much grip torture you can stand.

All of these can be done in around 30 minutes with a short warm up to make sure you are good to go. Give them a try if you are looking for ideas to get a good training session in minimal time!

Stay seasonally strong,




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