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How are you today? Hopefully, you’re having a great weekend and are ready to enjoy some thoughts on training and nutrition to help move you a little closer to your fitness goals,whatever they may be!

3 training thoughts.

If you struggle to get yourself into the gym for a session, because motivation just isn’t there, try this.

Go in and give yourself permission to leave if you want to after you complete your warmup. Then go through your warm up routine, then make the decision to go home. Or stay. It’s up to you, but I can almost guarantee that you’ll get at least a little more done.

Why? Because motivation doesn’t come before the act of doing, it comes after. We get this backwards, waiting for motivation to come along and push us towards whatever we should be doing. When in reality, action, no matter how small, comes first. Then you get a little success, and that success creates the motivation to keep going with the actions to create success and more motivation and more action and more… well you get where I’m going with this.

So if you are feeling stuck, go do anything to jump start the process.

Deadlifts are the best lift you could be doing. But you don’t need to be limited by only ever lifting a loaded barbell from the ground. Exercises should be fitted to you, accomodating your unique attributes and abilities.

So if you struggle with a conventional barbell deadlift from the floor, try one of these variations:

  • KB deadlift (from the floor or raised slightly)
  • Upright DB deadlift (from the floor or raised slightly)
  • Trap bar deadlift
  • Rack pull
  • Sumo stance deadlift
  • Conventional deadlift from blocks
  • RDL (starting from the top position, lifting from the rack)

You are never too old to start training. Here is a great article on improving your fitness at any age.

2 Nutrition bites

Remember, you’re never more than one step away from getting back on track. No matter how bad you think you’ve done on any day or meal, you can get back on track at your next meal.

You are in control of that action, so don’t allow yourself to spiral out of control because of one event.

Instead of using the scale or measurements as your sole way of tracking progress, here’s another idea.

How consistent are you with your training and diet?

How often do your get in for the training sessions you say you’ll do each week?

How many meals contain a good source of protein?

How many portions of fruit and veg do you have?

How often are you getting to bed on time to give yourself adequate sleep?

You aren’t going to see results from the isolated ideal meals or one off epic workouts. Your success comes from what you do most consistently.

1 exercise demo

If you get pain in your wrists, elbows or shoulders during rowing movement, here is a simple fix to help out.

Instead of holding the bar on her inverted rows, we used D handles to allow a neutral grip and more movement throughout the row. This takes the strain away from the wrists, elbow and shoulder joints and allows more natural movement at each.

The same idea can be used for most cable rowing movements too, including pull downs.

While you are using these variations, you can also be doing thoracic extension/ rotation work to help improve your upper back mobility and further reduce joint issues that may stem from an immobile upper back.

As for the rows, perform 3-4 sets of your max reps -2. That means, do as many good quality reps as you can, stopping 2-3 reps from failure each time.


Have an awesome day!


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